Bringing Yourself: Projection

5 thoughts on “Bringing Yourself: Projection”

  1. Hello. I am a human being. My name is Brad. I could change my name but I would still be the same person, only with a different verbal identifier. Some people who knew me before my hypothetical name change and those who met me after might meet and talk to each other. It might be possible for them to talk about their acquaintances and discover that they both know the same person (me) only by different names. This is because despite the name change I remain basically the same person.

    Changing a name is easy. Changing the internal “me” is some of the most difficult work I have ever attempted. I project the internal me onto everything in my world and this process makes my external world seem “right”, “acceptable” and “normal”. When I do the work, when I change myself – even if that change is an improvement – it makes my world seem wrong, weird, and uncomfortable; like a place where I do not belong. The internal ability to overcome this feeling of wrongness; the ability to stay on the path despite the difficulties encountered is a learned skill.

    Today I know people with a variety of spiritual, philosophical, and technical backgrounds. They each tend to have a different name for the skill of staying on track despite the obstacles they encounter on their journey. Indeed, some of them seem to have chosen the most difficult journey possible in order to hone this skill to it’s pinnacle. But it seems to that the basic skill, or perhaps the basic umbrella that these skills fall under, has remained the same for generations. Perhaps this is why we study masterpieces of art, adhere to longstanding religions, and search through ancient wisdom. Perhaps the truth of this process is all around us, if we can only get past the name it is given and find the hidden truth which is beyond all names.

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  2. Correctly structured symbols have energy that can be detected by dowsing and often felt directly by sensitive humans. The energy anchors in the symbol as streams from greater beingnesses that resonate with the symbol.

    An obvious application of this is geometric rhythmic forms such as used in Masonic ritual. Done correctly the geometric ritual operates like a TV antenna, being of the right shape, proportions and material to resonate with the Source Energy.

    Thus it is possible to project into a correctly structured symbol and become conscious of the source and nature of the energy with which it resonates.

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