5 thoughts on “V.I.T.R.I.O.L.”

  1. It is called a “stone” because it is not changed by fire.

    In ancient times the Sumerian gods were dying upon this planet and having revolted against the Most High, were provided with the water of life and the food of life to maintain their immortality under this aging sun. They were also provided with a worker species so that did not have to do the hard work.

    You will see in the Sumerian depictions many of the gods carry a handbag – for their immortality food.


  2. There is a deeper meaning to it, you can trace it back to all the major traditions. The Sun and the Moon, two principles, one projective, one receptive (which is symbolized by your avatar btw), combined in a wise manner creative life, but not just as a form or physical body. The following collection of quotes will make it quite obvious what Alchemy is or was, in that so called Alchemists weren’t greedy men trying to transform crude metals, but rather themselves: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/drcmda/84456b58765cf8314478bb4568d4fb39/raw/0ad6fdc7316a2bdfbfbadce274851ce6c6ab6643/gistfile1.txt

    Manly Palmer Halls work Secret Teachings of all Ages alludes to the same interpretation: “The Hermetic marriage is an alchemical symbol found in the nature of all things, for the law of polarity is universal. In the human world it appears as sex – positive and negative, masculine and feminine. As all electricians know, positive and negative are opposite poles of one circuit. Spirit itself knows no polarity, but manifests through polarity to the accomplishment of the Great Work.”

    But this is not “sex” carried out in any ordinary manner. If anything it seeks to conserve.


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