Duality, and the Hermetic Principle of Polarity

3 thoughts on “Duality, and the Hermetic Principle of Polarity”

  1. >some actions are more kind, or less kind

    There is a saying: you have to be cruel to be kind. Can we then variously classify actions by outcome, intent and mode of delivery?

    Similarly, separating good from evil may require a transhuman perspective.

    > if it’s possible to have a spirit, that must mean that it’s possible to have not-spirit

    I wonder if such a proposition is contrary to the intent of the Entity that uses this universe as Its body of manifestation. Here the universal intent seems to embrace matter (low frequency spirit) ever more closely. Is polarity then a phase of experiential learning?


    1. it seems to me that polarity is a fundamental, rather than a phase. If you can have an idea, then it’s immediately distinguishable from its opposite, which would mean that a universe without polarity or dualism would have to be a universe without any ability to distinguish one thing from another


  2. > an idea, then it’s immediately distinguishable from its opposite

    I am alive or I am dead. Or perhaps I am spirit changing from one manifestation to another.

    Is every polarity able to be subsumed into a more abstract reality?

    Perhaps the universe is a living body of manifestation, unfolding to extremes (polarities) then retreating to pralaya (beingness) until intent drives its next period of existing.

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