Freemasonry & COVID-19 Updates

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    1. Update for your COVID-19 Masonic page. Please be advised that effective on July 31st, M:.W:. Thomas L. Turlington, Jr.. Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Florida has ordered that lodges and Masonic events in the 26th and 27th Masonic Districts (Broward and Miami-Dade counties) be suspended until further notice due to an increase of cases of COVID-19.

      A copy of the Grand Master’s directive can be found in this link.


  1. Regarding the Grand Orient of Italy, the page you linked to says that all conventions and conferences that were supposed to take place after 3 April are suspended, for instance the Gran Loggia 2020 e l’Assemblea dei Maestri Venerabili.

    I know, it doesn’t make any sense to say “after 3 April.” Does that mean that they are not suspended until 3 April? And until when are they suspended?

    Your Italian wasn’t too bad, you got the correct meaning, but that page features a regrettably burocratic style and faulty logic.

    I hope it helps. Thank you for compiling this list.

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  2. Hi. Here’s an update on the situation in Brazil:
    Left up to individual lodges what to do for 15 days: Grand Orient of Brazil in the Rio de Janeiro
    Left up to individual lodges what to do for 30 days: Grand Lodge of Bahia, Grand Orient of Brazil in Mato Grosso, Santa Catarina (Grand Lodge, Grand Orient of Brazil and Independent Grand Orient), São Paulo (Grand orient of Brazil and Grand Lodge)
    Left up to individual lodges what to do for 45 days: Rio de Janeiro (Grand Lodge and the Independent Grand Orient)
    Suspended all activities for 30 days: Distrito Federal (Federal District) – Grand Lodge
    I´m keeping it updated at –

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  3. Great Post – how about another one which highlights ways that lodges are trying to stay connected during these troubled times? Arizona Lodge No. 2 has moved our education online for March 24th, “The Vernal Equinox” presented by brother Jaime Lamb. Open to Masons & Non-Masons wherever they are!

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    1. I’d be happy to list & advertise Masonic education events that are open. Can you post the specifics? Doing this for all jurisdictions might be more inputs than I could take; it’s taken quite a bit of time to stay on top of all of the updates for just “the simple stuff” of major announcements and so forth.

      Personally I think it would be great if there was an international (or just jurisdictional) billboard of masonic education events. Maybe something through the Amity app, I’m not sure.


  4. Hello! Grand Lodge of Vermont suspended all Masonic Activities (effective March 16th, 2020) until , at least, April 15th, 2020. Grand Lodge will re-assess in early April.


  5. Grand Orient of France
    Informations coronavirus (Covid-19)
    Date parution : 16/03/2020
    En raison de l’évolution de la situation sanitaire en France et des recommandations des pouvoirs publics, nous vous informons de l’annulation à partir de ce jour, pour une durée illimitée, de toutes les manifestations (conférences, colloques…) organisées par le Grand Orient de France.
    Due to the evolution of the health situation in France and the recommendations of the public authorities, we inform you of the cancellation from this day, for an unlimited period, of all the events (conferences, symposia …) organized by the Grand Orient of France.


    This Friday, March 13, all the major French Masonic obediences have, in concert, taken the decision to suspend all their activities and to close their temples until further notice.
    La circulaire du GODF : circulaire1061-dispositions-Covid-19
    La circulaire de la Fédération française du DH : communique-pandemie-FFDH-13mars2020-DEF
    La circulaire de la GLMN : Circulaire GLMN à effet immédiat
    La circulaire de la GLDF : Courrier du TRGM _ Coronavirus_Fermeture de la GLDF et suspension des travaux
    Celle de la LNFU : Communication de Roger Dachez
    La GLFF a mis l’information sur son site.


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