The Future of Freemasonry and What’s Going On

5 thoughts on “The Future of Freemasonry and What’s Going On”

  1. > if we don’t agree on what the problem is, we’ll never agree on how to fix it.

    There are a few assumptions here. The most pressing is whether the brethren know enough to identify the problem. Perhaps lack of knowledge of the genuine secrets is the real issue.

    >What better service to the community could Freemasonry possibly offer, than educating a generation of men on how to be useful to themselves, their communities, and their families?

    Is that not the work of the EA? The work of the FC is stated in the ritual but widely ignored. The work of the MM is not stated anywhere but it is implied in the EA TB charge.

    > active resistance to evolution of the Craft

    As an EA I was surprised by that. I was told that Masonry is a science, and being trained in science, I know that science progresses, yet here were the brethren seeking to retain the practices as remembered by the oldest brethren. Later I discovered that the problem was that the brethren did not practice Masonic science so were doomed to each generation losing a little more of knowledge implicit in ancient Freemasonry.

    >how people like to group with others who are like them

    A few years ago I watched the visiting Grand Lodge ritual team dressing for entry to our temple. As I looked at them I could see that they all had had lives as monastics, where they loved doing ritual, with some singing followed by eating and drinking together. As I looked at the Grand Lodge team it was obvious that Freemasonry was just a convenient means for them to socialize with their friends from past lives.

    The cycle is turning. It is time for new wine in new bottles.

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  2. >The work of the MM is not stated anywhere but it is implied in the EA TB charge.

    We are told that a Freemason’s lodge extends from E to W and N to S and from the center of the Earth to the Heavens. (Obviously such a lodge includes several billion women)

    If that is the extent of a Freemason’s lodge is the Freemason is expected to keep it in good order? Fortunately many humans born after 1995 have seen that first task.

    What rituals should be performed in that immense temple? Is it just there to make more Masons?


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