Esoteric Sharp Edges

4 thoughts on “Esoteric Sharp Edges”

  1. Freemasonry is full of speculation without experiment. Thus the speculation is rarely validated. Also the brethren like to moralise upon symbols of which they have little understanding.

    It may be worth distinguishing an emblem from a symbol. An emblem is an arbitrary association but a symbol is related to the reality by construction. For example a pentagram actually resonates with particular energies just as a TV antenna is constructed (geometry and substance) so that it resonates with the signal from the TV transmitter.

    Thus, properly used, a symbol can be used to attract particular energies that can then be directed to specific uses.

    Of course, by tradition, the hidden mysteries of nature and science are veiled by allegory to avoid the unworthy discovering the practical techniques.

    In some cases techniques have leaked into the public domain where they are misused. An obvious example is NLP being used to sell products to the foolish.

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  2. If you draw/print a pentagram taking up an A4 sheet and move the palm of your hand slowly across it, you may feel some hot spots where there are concentrations of energy.


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