A.E. Waite and Secret Doctrine of the Union

5 thoughts on “A.E. Waite and Secret Doctrine of the Union”

  1. >The divine union is God resident in the consciousness

    The concept of God is rather cultural. Is there a non-cultural path to union? Is union actually all-pervading except in the human mind?


    1. As far as I know, all concepts of God are cultural, or at least rooted in some cultural tradition. This is in my view OK, because the one thing that almost all cultural conceptions of God agree upon is the lack of “total knowability”, i.e. any view of God is an imperfect limited view of the same.

      I think there is no non-cultural path — or more specifically, all paths are colored by culture. The paths themselves are described in terms of analogies that resonate in the context of particular cultures. This just covers the human communication part. Can one follow a path for one-self that is independent of any culture? Of course. But communicating these paths between people is hopelessly cultural.

      There is a saying: we can’t think about culture because we think with culture.


      1. The saying about culture reminds me of a quote by Mortimer Adler: “An idea cannot be at the same time what we think with and what we think about”, from the book “Six Great Ideas”.

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        1. That’s a great quote, and I’m not familiar with that book, I’m going to follow up on that and see what else Adler has to say. Yes it does feel like it’s going in the same direction. In the business world too there’s this funny idea of what’s called a “self-licking ice cream cone” which is sort of related. When you use an idea to justify the same idea — or when you create a structure whose purpose is to support itself, that’s a self-licking ice cream cone.

          And cultures, in the fact that they perpetuate themselves and facilitate their own transmission, do a bit have that aspect to them. When people say “self-licking ice cream cone” it’s usually meant negatively, but of course structures need to self-replicate and reinforce if they’re to survive in the long run.



  2. If there were a spiritual science then the process of observation, hypothesis and experiment would be less cultural than are mystical or religious processes. Still, the process of observation is quite narrow in the initial stages while the human cultural trappings are being discarded. Eventually the spiritual scientist graduates beyond the human race, but still there is culturing from the karma of the galaxy and the intent of the galactic logos.

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