Life Scripts

A life script is a common set of patterns that people use to structure their movement through life. People don’t usually think about them, but they’re very real. In the United States circa 2020, the middle class has a default life script that goes something like this: Grow up, get decent enough grades In high … Continue reading Life Scripts


Where I work, people talk about large groupings of other people as departments, or organizations, or just “orgs”. I’m a member of some volunteer organizations. And even just groups of friends that get together. All of these things are groupings of people. Sometimes it’s granting them a bit too much to call them “organizations”, because … Continue reading Orgs

Useful Myths

How should we understand myth? Myth may mean a falsehood, or an idea that is out of date. But that certainly isn’t useful. There is another sense of the word “myth” though. Suppose you don’t understand the technicalities of electricity and someone wants to explain them to you. To explain the flow of currents, he … Continue reading Useful Myths